An arrest for a criminal charge is scary. In Bellingham many arrests leads to the arrested being left in Whatcom County Jail. This is probably the last place you figured you would end up and most likely, the scariest. So, what should you do?

Get Out of Jail: This is obviously not Monopoly, but you need a get out of Jail card. If you are charged with DUI, for instance, you can either wait until you have completely sobered up (the Jail staff will check your BAC level - it must be 0.00), or you can Bail yourself out (or a Family member can do so. If you are looking at bailing yourself out, please check out the Whatcom County Criminal Defense website with all the bail bondsman in Bellingham.

Ignition Interlock Device: If you have been arrested for DUI and have a prior DUI arrest, the Judge will Order you to install the IID within 5 days. Contact an IID installer prior to court and discuss your options - then do what the Judge orders.

Court: Check your court date and be to court early! Dress well, be polite and enter a not guilty plea. Not sure of your court date? Find your Whatcom County criminal case court date and click the button on the left (the orange button says "Find your Court Date").

Whatcom County Attorney: You must - must, must, must - talk to a 
Whatcom County criminal defense attorney before court. You have too much to risk and a little advice may go a long way. Most Bellingham DUI attorneys and criminal defense counsel provide complimentary counseling - we sure do.  Call them and tell them your dilemma. They can help!  Best of Luck!

after a dui arrest

after the dui arrest

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