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Probation may be a necessary evil of your criminal case in Bellingham.  Collectively DUI defense attorneys and defendants would like to think or hope otherwise, but the truth is you must prepare for probation.  However, it's also important to recognize that there are different types of probation. Generally these different types of probation include "Supervised" and "Unsupervised" probation.  We want to avoid "Supervised" probation, if possible. Supervised probation involves checking in and meeting with a probation officer once a month following the final court date in Whatcom County. These meetings are usually brief but without question, an annoyance. The probation officer will ask you personal questions regarding your alcohol or drug use and may even test for these substances.

In addition to the inconvenience, supervised probation is also costly.  The cost for this privilege is $100 per month. To give you the best change of avoiding supervised probation it is recommended to complete all of the mandatory conditions of your particular offense. For DUI we would recommend you complete the alcohol evaluation, the recommended course of treatment and a DUI Victim Panel. Probation is also something your attorney can negotiate - hence the value of a good 
Bellingham DUI defense lawyer.

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Probation in Bellingham

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Bellingham Probation

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