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When an Infraction becomes a Crime


Most of us who drive will one day receive a ticket. This ticket might be for speeding, for failing to stop or for a simply equipment violation. None of us like tickets and some even hire a traffic ticket lawyer in Whatcom County to fight the ticket. Some however, like to pretend the incident never happened, ignore the ticket, and fail to pay the fine. This can lead to some unexpected and cruel punishments.

If you have received a
traffic infraction in Bellingham, or anywhere really – pay the fine, request a deferred finding (and pay the fine) or hire an attorney.  The worst thing to do is ignore the ticket. At our law office we see many examples of the evil consequences of failing to pay a ticket. A common example are Canadians who fail to pay the ticket in Washington, head back to Canada, and then unbeknownst to them find their privilege to drive has been suspended. As these poor drivers head into Blaine, after they have gone through the border, a local police officer stops then and cites then with Driving While License Suspended. This offense is literally, criminal!

A simple failure to pay a traffic ticket has turned into a criminal offense with mandatory court in Blaine or Whatcom County. Criminal lawyers don't need to tell you that this is not only an inconvenience but an unexpected expense. If you have received a driving while license suspended citation in Blaine, as you crossed into the United States, call our office. The goal at this point is to reduce your criminal citation to a simple infraction (non-criminal). However, there are important steps that you need to take and, you need a local Blaine driving while license suspended attorney who can negotiate an exceptional result for you.

Please call our office and speak to us if you have received the criminal charge of driving while license suspended. Our office is in Bellingham but we have years of experience in Bellingham and can help negotiate your criminal charge to a far superior result.  Naturally, should you receive a
traffic ticket in Whatcom County, please contact our office directly.

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