By Whatcom County Traffic Attorney David N Jolly

More than 100,000 people receive a speeding ticket in the United States on a daily basis. This translates into more than 36,500,000 tickets every single year being issued to drivers in the United States. It has been concluded that the average fine for a traffic ticket is approximately $150 which translates into nearly $5.4 billion in revenue for the government (or branches of) annually. However, anyone who has received a speeding ticket or two understands that the financial pain is not restricted to the dollar amount on the face of the ticket. The collateral consequences of traffic tickets also impact a driver’s insurance. The insurance companies in the United States seek billions of dollars per year in raised premiums from drivers who have committed traffic violations.

It should therefore be obvious that the government (and insurance companies) benefits from driver indiscretions and the dutiful work of thousands of police officers. Whether the government admits it or not traffic tickets are a wonderful way to raise revenue. And with the Country in an undeniable financial panic and near bankruptcy, what better way to quash the financial fears than by robbing its citizens.

If you have recently received a traffic ticket you are well aware of how expensive they are. The costs of some individual traffic tickets are illogical and at times offensive. The manner in which officers are quietly informed to fill their quota of traffic tickets is the modern equivalent of the Roman Empire’s tax collectors.

Therefore, if you have received a traffic ticket, particularly one that is considered a “moving violation,” why wouldn’t you fight it? Some states consider such “minor violations” criminal, so you must fight these allegations to preserve your record. Too much is at stake. For those states that consider traffic violations mostly “civil,” you should still fight as there undoubtedly will be negative impact if you do not. More to the point, the financial penalties are arbitrarily set so at the very least fight the amount indicated on the face of the ticket. We all try to limit our taxes (lawfully), and ultimately this is simply another form of taxation.

In addition to the financial harm a traffic ticket will cause there is another concern you must consider when contemplating whether to fight your ticket – the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) / Department of Licensing (DOL). Every state has some form of “points” system – although many may not actually call it a “points system.” The point system can suspend your license (or deem your license “probationary”) if you accumulate a certain number of moving violations (and assigning them “points”) over a period of years/months. A way to prevent driver license points (or reducing their severity) is to have the charges dismissed, contesting the charges and be found not guilty, or being convicted (found committed) of a less serious offense (one that is not a “moving violation”).

Traffic Ticket Handbook is specifically dedicated to those individuals who have been cited for speeding tickets or any moving violation and wish to learn more about the traffic ticket process and how to fight and beat the ticket. If you have been cited and need to protect your insurance and driving privilege, this book is for you. The Traffic Ticket Handbook will explain how the different speed measuring devices work and how they can fail. You will learn how to structure an argument and raise legal issues like a lawyer. In addition to speeding tickets The Traffic Ticket Handbook looks at the major moving violations that will harm your insurance and potentially suspend your driver’s license. If you are considering hiring an attorney to help fight your ticket, The Traffic Ticket Handbook also gives advice on how to hire a well-qualified traffic ticket attorney. And finally, The Traffic Ticket Handbook gives you practical tips on how to avoid a future traffic ticket.

The Traffic Ticket Handbook is a valuable resource for any driver who has ever received a traffic ticket and wants to beat the charge. Learn from a
traffic defense attorney who has personally handled more than 10,000 traffic tickets in court.


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