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If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Whatcom County your contact with a Washington State Trooper was probably not a pleasant one. Believe it or not the Trooper was probably not too happy either, according to a report from the Bellingham Herald.   The Herald cites a new report from the Legislature that found Washington State Troopers felt they are underpaid and unhappy with the Agency's Management.

Bellingham Herald Article:

This finding is not surprising to many in the legal business. Further, it may also explain why the agency is still looking to hire over 100 more personnel.  The report states that every year since 2009 the number of unfilled positions at the Washington State Patrol has risen. Fewer law enforcement personnel means fewer Troopers on the road. Fewer Troopers on the road means fewer DUI arrests. Fewer DUI arrests means more concern for the community - right?

The report has states that there is a lit of two dozen recommendations that may make life more tolerable for Troopers, including:

  • Improving recruiting practices;
  • Boosting pay;
  • Changing the way shifts are scheduled;
  • Conducting performance evaluations of all management staff;
  • Taking more input from troopers on uniform design;
  • Being more open-minded toward potential recruits who have had minor convictions or past drug use.

Most of these desires make sense, except the "uniform design" suggestion.  Perhaps Troopers don't like their boy scout flavored hats.

In any event, I have always firmly believed the most difficult job within the driving under the influence context is the one of law enforcement.  I think their level of job satisfaction, or lack thereof, confirms this.

The other question this raises, which will be addressed soon at our main website, is: Does Government take DUIs seriously?  Of course they do but not seriously enough or they would keep their most important people happy and staffing filled.

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